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Your venture associate. Marte Martin is your go-to finance specialist where you can outsource your Financial Management / CFO needs in a cost-effective way.

Early stages. We support your business venture from start through growth and adapt our services as your company and your needs evolve.

Are you in control of your numbers?

Strategic CFO Advisory

Operational Finance and Accounting

Part of Your Team

Strategic CFO Advisory

Bringing together strategy and finance. Your company's finance function should also do much more strategic things like determining the company’s unit-economics, assessing resources, or measuring business progress.

How we can help. We help ventures develop and scale financial infrastructure for commercial readiness.

Operational Finance and Accounting

The modern finance function. In addition to reporting numbers, and its governance and oversight roles, the finance function should provide operational and enterprise-wide support.

How we can help. Whether you need help with setup, accounting, planning, analytics, systems, reporting, or measuring progress, we work side-by-side with you to put you in control of your numbers.

The finance support you need when you need it

We provide finance support on a project-based, interim, or part-time basis.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

To develop your venture, you need to determine how your company will afford to achieve its vision, strategic goals and objectives.

  • Financial oversight: strategy, viability, and growth
  • Budgeting, forecasting & reforcasting
  • Expansion planning
  • Life cycle: valuation, fundraising, and financing (M&A)
  • Due-diligence: financial & growth reporting

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Managerial Accounting

Companies rely on managerial accounting to connect the finance function to the business opportunity and other functional areas such as sales, marketing, product development, and HR.

  • Business economics: unit economics
  • Frameworks, benchmarking & anticipatory insights
  • Performance accountability: metrics (KPIs), growth optimization
  • Cash-flow and cash management
  • Reporting: internal, board, investors

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Financial accounting

Without good accounting you can’t properly communicate what your company looks like, know your cash situation, or provide proper financials.

  • Accounting setup & integration
  • Infrastructure: systems and processes
  • Growth, scaling, and controls
  • Financial reporting – IFRS, GAAP

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Finance Services
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