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The Basics of Financial Accounting for Startups

Finance is one of the most basic skills that any business must embrace to be successful, yet, financial know-how, issues, and analysis are often the entrepreneur’s Achilles’ heels.

This article is part of a series on how to think about entrepreneurial finance. While the finance function is much more strategic than just financial accounting, both bookkeeping and accounting are vital to every business’s success.

Once you’ve made the decision on the methods to be used, and before setting up your chart of accounts, you need to think about what’s important to your company.

There are also many tools that you might be able to integrate with your accounting system, the main thing is to figure out where the bottlenecks are in your financial and accounting systems.

At the core, the finance function is much more than just taking care of payroll or keeping track of the cash, it also does much more strategic things like determining the company’s unit economics, helping define and track the right KPIs to measure business progress, assess the company’s resources, and figure out how to create enough time to get from one key milestone to the next.

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Big Data, The New Public Utility

In the minds of most people, perhaps without realizing it, data is becoming just as essential part of daily life as any common utility service. You don't need to be a businessperson or an IT professional to realize that we're currently experiencing great growth in digital content, information, and interaction, and that this fact is having a great impact on our lives.

Yes, another utility bill —another one, just like the kind of utility you might be thinking about: gas, electric, telephone or water. In the big leagues of data management, your franchises (companies) are also worth lots of money, they have the top players in their teams (data scientists, analysts, managers, marketers, designers, software developers, visualization experts), the greatest facilities, and pay for the best services.

And apparently, this is just the very beginning of a new way of interacting with life. We are only now beginning to expect to have data delivered to us with the same consistency, reliability and at relative low prices as the utilities most use. We will consume data in a seamless manner, and our relationship with data will be complementing and a natural one.

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A Ad-ventures
Type: Essay

Professional ball player Lonzo Ball with his BBB ZO2s. SOURCE: SLAM Magazine

Sneaker Whisperers

The history of the sneaker began in the 1950s when kids began wearing them as fashion statements. Since then, innovative communication has turned sneakers into hyper-sensical objects, redefining how we value shoes.

How technologies are being combined today is transforming the way things are being made and sold, and information technology –specifically– is opening opportunities in industry for new and smaller companies.

Even though the sneaker sector is one of the hardest to break into, Sneaker Whisperers are changing the world of sneaker-marketing by creating new and stronger relationships with shoppers.

In the world of shoes, Sneaker Whisperers' ability to create connections with others through a story becomes their main source of competitiveness within the industry. Today, sneakers embody more than footwear or fashion, they increasingly represent a sense of belonging which many of us naturally value and will pay for.

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C Capability
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'Techno Viking' fue un fenómeno de internet y uno de los primeros memes virales, llegando a convertirse en un icono cultural mundial.

El Arte del Gráfico

La comunicación gráfica ha sido parte de la humanidad desde el comienzo de los tiempos y su uso no deja de crecer. Las banderas nacionales, por ejemplo, se emplean desde hace siglos para simbolizar un país o nación, y están diseñadas para transmitir una gran cantidad de significado de manera rápida.

La 'aparición' de la web en los años 90 hizo posible el cruce de diferentes disciplinas de sistemas de información, tecnología y diseño. Y en los últimos años, hemos visto como la gama de dispositivos por los que se pueden ver las aplicaciones web ha proliferado de forma espectacular, permitiendo que el público en general tenga acceso a áreas de comunicación visual que antes sólo eran accesibles para los expertos.

Debido también a los avances tecnológicos de la última década, ha habido una explosión en la popularidad de la visualización de datos, permitiéndonos acceder a grandes cantidades de datos de forma rápida y que de otra manera no sería posible.

La renovada era de la información y el ritmo creciente de la sociedad nos lleva mas allá de lo táctil y lo bi-dimensional, para adentrarnos en un ámbito digital de espacio virtual e interactividad. Ahora todos tenemos acceso al conocimiento de manera fácil, eficiente y muy rápida.

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