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Marte Martin Venture Agency

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Putting ventures in position to be successful

Marte Martin is a venture agency and on-demand service with a focus on entrepreneurial finance.

Bringing together strategy and finance. We're your go-to specialist for all things finance and where you can outsource your financial management needs in a cost-effective way.

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Do you need project, fractional, or long-term support?

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How we work

Your strategic finance & accounting partner. We work side-by-side with you to put you in control of your numbers and help you make smarter decisions.

We support you from the start through the growth stages. We fulfil project-based needs, often acting on a fractional basis.

Our clients and partners are visionaries, entrepreneurs, startups, growing businesses, corporate groups, and other venture agencies.

  1. Pay-by-the-hour, no hidden costs
  2. Fractional, and On-demand
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Book a 60-minute free consultation today to talk about your objectives and needs.

Marte Martin Venture Agency

About me: Marte Martin

Marte Martin

About me: Marte Martin My name is Marte Martin, I'm an independent Venture Associate doing business as Marte Martin Venture Agency, where I specialize in entrepreneurial finance.

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Marte Martin Venture Agency

Services & Support

Empower your venture with strategic financial services

Need help with numbers? Whether strategic direction, operational implementation, or both —get the support you need when you need it, and without worrying about reporting numbers, governance, or oversight.

Marte Martin Modern finance. Eliminate the need to hire a full-time Financial Manager / CFO, and leave your finance function to us. We adapt our support services as your needs evolve – Fractional, On-demand.

  • Value creation
  • Slicing the value pie
  • Covering risk / financing
  • Financial Management
  • Finance function development
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Finance Services
Servicios Financieros ESP

Marte Martin Venture Agency

Services: Pricing

Pay by the hour,
no hidden costs

Marte Martin only works with funded startups / ventures - we know what it takes to raise that next round of financing, and we'll help you get there.

Book a 60-minute free consultation today to talk about your objectives and needs.

After consultation, starting at:


Per hour, per specialist (base, exc. VAT).
Or contract on a monthly fee, discounts apply.

Monthly packages,
or per contract

Get ongoing finance support with a package option.

  1. Hours as needed
  2. Billed monthly, no hidden fees
  3. No lengthy contracts

We're based in Madrid, and run pop-up bureaus in London and New York throughout the year.

Let's work together!


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