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Sneaker Whisperers (martemartin.com 2019)

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Professional ball player Lonzo Ball with his BBB ZO2s. SOURCE: SLAM Magazine

Sneaker Whisperers

The history of the sneaker began in the 1950s when kids began wearing them as fashion statements. Since then, innovative communication has turned sneakers into hyper-sensical objects, redefining how we value shoes.

How technologies are being combined today is transforming the way things are being made and sold, and information technology –specifically– is opening opportunities in industry for new and smaller companies.

Even though the sneaker sector is one of the hardest to break into, Sneaker Whisperers are changing the world of sneaker-marketing by creating new and stronger relationships with shoppers.

In the world of shoes, Sneaker Whisperers' ability to create connections with others through a story becomes their main source of competitiveness within the industry. Today, sneakers embody more than footwear or fashion, they increasingly represent a sense of belonging which many of us naturally value and will pay for.

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