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Big Data, The New Public Utility

In the minds of most people, perhaps without realizing it, data is becoming just as essential part of daily life as any common utility service. You don't need to be a businessperson or an IT professional to realize that we're currently experiencing great growth in digital content, information, and interaction, and that this fact is having a great impact on our lives.

Yes, another utility bill —another one, just like the kind of utility you might be thinking about: gas, electric, telephone or water. In the big leagues of data management, your franchises (companies) are also worth lots of money, they have the top players in their teams (data scientists, analysts, managers, marketers, designers, software developers, visualization experts), the greatest facilities, and pay for the best services.

There are also many tools that you might be able to integrate with your accounting system, the main thing is to figure out where the bottlenecks are in your financial and accounting systems.

And apparently, this is just the very beginning of a new way of interacting with life. We are only now beginning to expect to have data delivered to us with the same consistency, reliability and at relative low prices as the utilities most use. We will consume data in a seamless manner, and our relationship with data will be complementing and a natural one.

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